About us

Stone Golem Band

“A sun rises

a star dies

the Golem cometh.”

In the Universe, entire planets and solar systems are destroyed by a terrible force of nature. The Stone Golem, a mysterious super massive black hole, was always thought to be a myth. But as solar systems disappear and reports of the Stone Golem become more frequent, one man sees it as his responsibility to make a stand. Fighting for survival, Johnny the spacecowboy seeks redemption in a quest that will take him on a path through the galaxy. The secrets he will uncover will shed light on the Stone Golem, and Johnny’s own dark past…

Hailing from the Netherlands, this story driven rock band is inspired by dust, deserts, and outer space. Their music is best defined as a sandstorm of low tuned heavy rock riffs, contrasted by calm freshwater springs of psychedelic and blues orientated soundscapes. Stone Golem’s debut album, ‘The Universe of…’, was released late 2012 and shows the band’s versatility in music styles without ever losing their own progressive sound.



Lead Vocals, Guitar

Stone Golem Band member Mark


Guitar, Vocals

Stone Golem Band member Wouter


Bass, Vocals

Stone Golem Band member Michel



Stone Golem Band member EJ