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In the vast emptiness of space, truckers are needed to transport important goods and materials from point A to B. As one can imagine, this occupation is not without its many and regular hazards. Be it pirates, thieves, solar storms, asteroid rains, or just engine trouble in the deep darkness of space, life as a trucker is tough and not for the faint hearted. Of all the dangers a trucker faces each day, not one is as difficult to overcome as the feeling of loneliness that can attack at the most inopportune of times. Those that do conquer that feeling, however, will rise as the heroes of their time, providing an all important service for the continued survival of the galaxy.
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Johnny the Spacecowboy

The rise and fall of a hero is always an intriguing thing to see. The path from humble beginnings to glory is as uplifting as a sunrise over the planes on of the many planets in the known universe. In contrast, the fall from grace is as dark as the deepest black hole. Why is it that those that deserve the most end up with the least? Many will probably never know what Johnny did for their universe. Unsung and forgotten he now spends his days alone and his nights with his nightmares. That fateful day, 30 years ago at the center of the universe, was the day of ultimate betrayal. The day where villains were made and the Stone Golem unleashed on the universe. These days Johnny wonders, looking up at the moon, is it time to act? Is it time to seek redemption and make right what is undoubtedly wrong?
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Desert VI

Only the annals of history can tell what has transpired on this planet. Johnny can’t. Walking around through sand and dust, the wind as sharp as a thousand knives, he wonders as he sees the massive tips of ancient temples covered by the desert in the distance. There is probably a lot of history beneath this land but Johnny only sees a way to survive. A place of shadow, and perhaps, water and food. He would later learn that any chance of getting water and food at those temples were long gone. Ages and ages gone. Lucky than, that the turbotrucker just happened to pass by this place after narrowly escaping a confrontation with the Stone Golem. Luck? Or perhaps something more? Fate?
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